2023 Recap, What We Have Learnt For Lawn Care

In 2023 The Lawn Association team highlighted one of the most important lessons to be learnt when it comes to modern, sensible, sustainable lawn care…that nature always knows best! 

Keep it native
With the ever-changing and more extreme weather patterns we are now experiencing comes the need for lawn seed that can be trusted, and there is nothing better than keeping it native!
What grows well in your lawn makes it obvious what would like to grow in your lawn.

2023 Recap, What We Have Learnt For Lawn Care

2023 Recap, What We Have Learnt For Lawn Care

And no grasses love a British lawn as much as UK native grasses! The main native grasses (bent and fescue) are given to us by nature so making those two a choice for your lawn is essential. Fescues grow very well in the UK and make an excellent general mixture grass.

Our domestic lawns benefit from the family of bent grasses and when well managed they can make your lawn look like a carpet.

Battery mowing
Once again we have seen a massive uptake in all things gardening powered by batteries, and this includes mowing.   Mowing has never been greener, with companies such as STIGA offering a whole range of battery machines ranging from walk-behinds, to ride ones and a superb range of autonomous robots.

Battery mowers are not only eco-friendly, but also quiet, cordless and lower maintenance.

Sustainable lawn fertilisers
Sustainable gardening and lawn care practices are more than just a trend and are a responsible way to cultivate plants while preserving our environment.

By prioritising eco-conscious practices such as composting, natural pest control, and rejecting products such as synthetic polymer-coated fertilisers that poison our lawns and gardens, we can reduce the negative impact on our ecosystem.

Products such as True Grass, wave goodbye to chemical fertilisers and offer a game-changing organic alternative. This sustainable and earth-friendly option not only nourishes your grass but also enriches your soil for long-lasting health

David Hedges Gower, of the Lawn Association states “Sustainable lawn care promotes responsible land stewardship, educating us on the importance of long-term harmony between human cultivation and the natural world. Let’s make a positive impact on our environment, one garden at a time.

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