Biggest garden trends for 2024, according to the experts at Marshalls

Johanna Elvidge, Head of Domestic Design at Marshalls has shared the garden, patio and colour trends that are likely to make an appearance in 2024

Style Trends: 1 – Nurturing Gardens “Garden trends will begin moving away from minimalism and heading towards creating more nurturing and wildlife-friendly environments. We will likely see people bringing more flowerbeds, shrub-filled areas and vegetable planters into the space, livening up the garden and allowing for greater biodiversity. These changes are not only great for the environment but will also have a positive impact on our wellbeing, encouraging more time in the garden and in amongst nature.”

Biggest garden trends for 2024, according to the experts at Marshalls

Biggest garden trends for 2024, according to the experts at Marshalls

2 – Joyful Gardens “2024 will likely see people wanting to transform their gardens into playful, positive spaces that encourage socialisation and time enjoyed outside.

These gardens will likely centre around seating areas, outdoor kitchens and fire-pits – all spaces which will encourage to spill home life into the outdoors.

Those who have more space to work with may section off their garden to make the most of it. Having regions for open-air cooking and eating, areas designated for children to play in, and an area for brightly coloured flowers to liven the space up through nature itself.”

3 – Regenerative Gardens “Having a garden space that focuses on rewilding and prioritising nature has become the forefront for many over recent years.

We will see people embracing trends such as No Mow May where they will allow their lawns time to re-energise and grow for the sake of wildlife and natural habitats.

This trend sees imperfections being embraced, allowing for plants to take their own course where possible. ‘Edible landscapes’ will have their place, with people creating vegetable patches and planting fruit trees to create bright and tasty havens – both fun and practical, saving you a trip to the shop!”

4 – Luxurious Gardens “Quiet luxury is not only a trend for the home’s interior. This can also be achieved in the garden, encouraging a serene space outdoors.

This trend is achieved through clean lines of architectural landscaping which can be created through paving, pergolas and planting beds.

These clean lines can then be softened through plants and shrubs to showcase the natural beauty of the garden throughout the design.

Both light and dark tones can achieve this aesthetic, finding a tone that complements your home can be a great way to elevate the overall look, tying the entire space together.”

Patio Trends: 1 – Indian Sandstone “Indian sandstone is a great choice for a garden revamp.

Ethically sourced options are still affordable, and the natural appearance provides a rustic feel to the space.

The varying tones of the stone mean that this paving choice will suit almost any setting and aesthetic.”

2 – Porcelain Paving “Porcelain paving is likely to be a common choice for many homeowners in 2024.

This type of paving is known for its low maintenance, beauty and durability. This is an ideal choice for many applications, even for those who have moss-prone gardens due to dampness and shade.

The wide range of colours and shades makes it a diverse choice for any outdoor space.”

3 – Block Paving “Block paving is a popular choice for driveways and garden paths. The range of colours allows for borders and patterns to be created through different layout choices.

This paving choice can also complement other materials, maintaining consistency throughout a space whilst still elevating the look”

Colour Trends: 1 – Grey “Grey is a timeless trend, ideal for both modern and older-style homes.

The shade complements most types of brickwork, avoiding a harsh contrast between the home and garden.

Grey paving can also be a great choice for creating a smooth transition between the outside and inside – a great choice for those with large garden-facing windows and patio doors.”

2 – Warm tones “Warm tones have seen a surge in popularity over recent years, with many homeowners enjoying the cosy look these shades provide throughout the garden.

The shades can create the atmosphere of a Mediterranean oasis, transporting people to the feel of being on holiday, benefiting mental health and wellbeing.”

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