Innovative hearing protection equipment benefits landscaping professionals

The landscaping community has been aware of the risks associated with exposure to noise for some time now.

Thankfully, as technology continues to improve productivity and efficiency, it has also enabled workers to better protect themselves from hazards that come with the job, including, but not limited to noise.

Innovative hearing protection equipment benefits landscaping professionals

Innovative hearing protection equipment benefits landscaping professionals

The introduction of cutting-edge equipment, such as ear defenders with communication devices and noise reducing technology, not only reduce exposure to harmful noise levels, but also allow for better communication between colleagues, which means warning signals highlighting potential dangers are easier to exchange.

While no price can be put on safety, it is reassuring to know that the latest offerings often boast more than noise protection, such as improved communication channels between colleagues, and intuitive technology that can help the user become better aware of the activity going on around them in a typically noisy environment, further boosting safety credentials.

Examples of this kind of noise protection technology are STIHL’s ADVANCE ProCOM ear defenders and the ADVANCE ProCOM X-VENT helmet, which sees the original headset fitted as standard to STIHL’s X-VENT safety helmet.

Both headsets offer on-site communication between 16 other ADVANCE ProCOM users, covering a range of up to 600m, between two users, with each headset acting as a repeater to extend the range should more than two headsets be used at one time.

What’s more, if a team is spread over a large area, a range alarm notifies the users that their headset connection may be lost.

Offering an impressive attenuation value of SNR 31 and active noise suppression, the headset is highly reliable in the protection against noise generated by petrol-powered equipment regularly in action across landscaping sites. Its intuitive ambient mode means that noises, such as traffic and passers-by, can be heard easily in order to prevent accidents, de-activating once loud noise (such as a chainsaw) is detected to protect the users’ ears accordingly. This ambient mode means a conversation with someone, such as a passer-by or a customer can be had, even whilst wearing the ear defenders.

The ADVANCE ProCOM and ADVANCE ProCOM X-VENT also feature qualities such as smartphone voice assistance, an integrated FM radio and app customisation to create closed groups of users. Additionally, they offer both open-mic and push-to-talk options to suit the level of communication required.

While safety on-site should be a priority for all landscapers, there is more than just one reason to invest in state-of-the-art technologies like the latest in noise-supressing headsets, including the ability to better communicate with colleagues: in terms of distributing and coordinating tasks and communicating hazards. Plus, for the avoidance of accidents that may occur due to approaching vehicles, or members of the public.

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