Onduline ‘roofing’ sheets for fence panels and gates

Onduline, renowned for its lightweight roofing systems, has adapted its ONDULINE CLASSIC bituminous corrugated sheets for use in garden fence and gate applications, offering an aesthetic covering to brighten up any outdoor space.

Made from approximately 50% recycled cellulosic fibres, ONDULINE CLASSIC is the market leading bituminous corrugated roofing sheet that has traditionally been used to provide a waterproof roofing solution to timber buildings, such as sheds, stables, agricultural and garden buildings.

Onduline ‘roofing’ sheets for fence panels and gates

Onduline ‘roofing’ sheets for fence panels and gates

Available in a range of colours, the corrugated sheets provide exceptional durability, allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions, thus making them well suited as an aesthetic fence covering for existing fences and gates.

They are supported with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

The ONDULINE CLASSIC sheets are a popular choice for stockists due to their versatility in application and ease of installation.

Now even more versatile with the sheets being suitable for fencing, they can be easily installed directly onto a an existing fully boarded fence or gate panel using Onduline SCREWS. Support battens may be required if the existing structure is less than 30mm thick.

Ardit Strica, Technical Manager at Onduline, said: “Our commitment to innovation has led us to reimagine our CLASSIC roofing sheets as an ideal covering for garden fences and gates, extending their versatility beyond traditional roofing solutions and allowing greater aesthetical choices for the homeowner.

“By diversifying the applications of our products, we are not only meeting the evolving needs of our customers but also contributing to the ongoing transformation of the roofing industry towards more sustainable and adaptive solutions.”

For more information on ONDULINE CLASSIC for fences and gates, please visit https://uk.onduline.com/en/diy/onduline-classic-sheets-fences-and-gates