Plant with purpose this National Wildlife Day!

National Wildlife Day takes place twice a year, with the first one on 22nd February to commemorate the birthday of Steve Irwin and then again on the 4th September.

Founded in 2005 by animal behaviourist and philanthropist Colleen Paige, the national days were created to bring awareness of endangered species both locally and globally, by acknowledging the benefits of animals and the measures needed to protect them going forward, especially those that are already seeing significant decline.

Plant with purpose this National Wildlife Day!

Plant with purpose this National Wildlife Day!

Thanks to organisations such as the disruptive wildflower company, Seedball, it’s easy to help to protect declining species on a local level, by planting with purpose.

People can add native wildflowers to their gardens simply by sprinkling its innovative seedballs, supporting our pollinator pals, feathered friends and other mighty mammals that depend on them.

There’s a whole host of seed balls to support a variety of species – choose your favourite or sprinkle them all!

Bird Mix – RRP: £6.50

The Bird Mix seed ball tin has been designed to feed the birds in a more sustainable and planet-friendly way than bagged supplementary bird foods.

Each seed ball contains up to 30 seeds, all of which will boost food supply using native wildflowers that naturally entice delicious insects for birds such as blackbirds, tits and robins to feast on.

What’s more, many of the flowers, such as Common poppy and Marigolds, are also self-seeding, so will provide a nutritious treat for seed-eating feathered friends like sparrows and finches and will grow again year after year.

Hedgehog Mix – RRP: £6.50

Since the 1950s, there has been a significant decline in hedgehog populations. To help support the spikey species, Seedball teamed up with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species to create a Hedgehog Mix, so creating your own hedgehog-friendly patch couldn’t be easier!

The tin contains around 20 seedballs consisting of Yellow rattle, Wild carrot, Birdsfoot trefoil, Tufted vetch, Self-heal and Poppy – blooms which have been expertly chosen as they encourage the hedgehog’s favourite delicacies of insects and provide much-appreciated shelter!

Bat Mix – RRP: £6.50

The Bat Mix tin contains seeds specially selected to attract a wide range of insects that bats feed on, including flowers that release their fragrance at night when bats are most active.

The mix contains seeds for plants with a combination of long and short pollen tubes, and a variety of colours and shapes of flowers to maximise the number of insects they attract.

Each seed ball contains Borage, Cornflower, Corn marigolds, Evening primrose, Wallflowers, and night-scented stock – which will not only encourage bats to visit but will also look beautiful too.

To explore more products by Seedball, visit the website at or connect with Seedball on Instagram, X and Facebook.

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