Start spring the Suståne way!

In the pursuit of rapid root development, superior growth and ongoing plant protection from drought, pathogens and stress factors, Bolster Granular 4-4-4 + 3Fe has proven itself to be the perfect partner for recovery from spring renovations. Ideal for application following aeration, hollow coring or tining to incorporate the product into the profile, Bolster Granular forms part of a collection of soil builders and spring starters from Suståne – the world’s most comprehensively researched organic fertiliser range. 

Bolster Granular 4-4-4 + Iron provides a formulation of organic nutrients, beneficial microbiology, plant bio-stimulants and a powerful blend of mycorrhizae to promote greater root access to soil nutrients and water. The addition of 3% chelated iron enhances colour and rapid root development, while seaweed extract, humic acid and compost-based microorganisms deliver plant health and strength for all turf grass situations including fine turf and golf green renovations.


Start spring the Suståne way!

Start spring the Suståne way!


Derived from biologically stable ingredients and containing both water soluble and slow-release sources of nitrogen, Bolster Granular has a near-neutral pH level, low salt index and low ammonium nitrogen percentage so can be safely applied without risk of burn or discolouration. Following quick green-up, even growth and performance can be expected for six to eight weeks.

Specifically for greens, tees and low-cut fairways, Suståne 10-1-4 granular is a spring turf starter, rich in quick-release water-soluble nitrogen for fast uptake and green up when soil temperatures are cooler than optimal. 75% of the total nitrogen being water soluble means nutrients are readily available, while the renowned Suståne organic base carrier will help to build up carbohydrate reserves in the soil for increased plant metabolism and supply all essential elements necessary for enhanced photosynthesis during the crucial early part of the season.

Thanks to the N in 10-1-14 granular being in ammonium sulphate form, this is also known to lower soil pH and thereby aid in suppressing certain types of turf grass diseases and – as with Bolster – 10-1-14 will not cause fertiliser ‘burn’ or seedling stress.


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