STIGA brings Artificial Intelligence to British gardens

STIGA brings Artificial Intelligence to British gardens

March 1st 2023 will see the dawn of a new innovative mowing age with STIGA’s new autonomous robotic lawnmowers.  At the heart of these machines are the ease of use, benefits both to lawns and nature, and the energy efficiency of the design.

The three fully autonomous, CABLE FREE, robot mowers, the first to bring predictive AGS technology to the garden, are:
•    A 1500
•    A 3000
•    A 500

STIGA brings Artificial Intelligence to British gardens

STIGA brings Artificial Intelligence to British gardens

AGS RTK GPS using cloud-based 4G signals
The patented STIGA Active Guidance System (AGS) enhances the GPS RTK signal reliability by using 4G to transmit the vital course correction data. This means the link between the robot and the base remains reliable, no matter what obstacles or distance lies between the base and the robot. The system learns satellite blind spots throughout the garden at various times of the day, ensuring that the robot has an unbroken link to the infrastructure that allows it to navigate with the high accuracy required.

With no need to lay cable in your lawn, you can simply use the App to drive the robot mower around the perimeter of your lawn and any obstacles within it. You do it once and it remembers every detail. Because it is virtual, it is hassle-free to adjust if the layout of the garden should change should you add a pond, bush, or garden furniture.

Caring for the lawn
By using accurate navigation, the robot can cover the lawn significantly more efficiently. This means less cutting time when compared to a random navigation robot. Less cutting time allows the plant time to heal between cutting schedules. This way the grass stays healthier.

The carbon steel pivoting razor blades are strong and flexible, making them safer and more resistant to impact and results in them staying sharper, for longer. Spinning at 2850rpm they will perform a neat cut without tearing the grass. The height of cut can be adjusted between 20 and 65mm and can be controlled remotely via the smartphone app, STIGA.GO. This means you have complete control of your robot, even when away from home.

Caring for nature
By designing high-efficiency robots that are able to manage cutting session during daylight hours, STIGA have ensured that nocturnal animals such as hedgehogs can safely occupy the garden overnight.

Energy efficiency
At the heart of every STIGA robot mower is an ePower battery built on premium lithium-ion batteries, which contain chemistry optimised for reliability and durability.  The new STIGA robots optimises battery usage as they work within organised cutting patterns ensuring that there is no chance of over-mowing. But don’t worry, there is also the option to programme the mower to create straight-line patterns so you can still enjoy quintessential British stripes if you wish!

They cut the lawn in two mowing cycles – these are performed consequently. It will re-start any cutting cycle from where it stopped on the previous cycle and can be programmed to work in multiple mowing zones, always returning to the charging station by the fastest route.

The new STIGA robot range combines cutting-edge technology with function-led design engineering to offer a robot mower that offers cutting perfection, with total flexibility and control like no other.

Official launch is 1st March 2023 and the robots will be available to purchase from authorised robot dealers and the STIGA website.


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