STIGA Unveils Intelligent Robot Mower For a Lawn That’s a Cut Above

New, cutting-edge predictive tech from STIGA’s green-fingered engineers knows where and when to cut, making STIGA’s Autonomous Robot Mower the first to nurture beautiful, naturally healthy lawns all by itself.

Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, 8th March, 2023: Helping people everywhere achieve beautiful gardens with naturally healthy lawns, STIGA has today unveiled the STIGA A1500 Autonomous Robot Mower, the most intelligent robot mower yet. Featuring cutting edge, predictive technology, the machine will make you rethink lawn care as it guarantees to nurture your grass and garden environment – and works completely autonomously, without any need for owner intervention.


STIGA Unveils Intelligent Robot Mower For a Lawn That’s a Cut Above

STIGA Unveils Intelligent Robot Mower For a Lawn That’s a Cut Above


Designed by STIGA’s green-fingered engineers to transform lawn care, the STIGA Autonomous Robot Mower is the latest in a line of products that have revolutionised the way people garden. Paving the way for a fully-autonomous generation of lawn mowers, it is the first to combine GPS with STIGA’s patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology for a robust signal that prevents mowing stoppages and delivers a consistently-smooth, faultless lawn nurturing system like no other.


“Gone are the days when having a beautiful lawn meant hours of time manually tending to the garden – or having to keep an eye on what previous generation robot mowers were up to,” said Fabio Banin, STIGA’s lawn expert. “Our green-fingered engineers have created a truly autonomous robot mower using ground-breaking technology so it can take complete care of your lawn all by itself, with a reliable signal which means it always has access to the information it needs. From understanding where to mow to how often to mow, to knowing how to navigate garden obstacles and natural changes, it’s the first robot mower that can truly be left to do its job alone, leaving owners safe in the knowledge that their lawn is being nurtured in the most accurate way, for a naturally healthier garden.” 

Robot mowers have been growing in popularity for a while now, but previous models have come with issues such as GPS signal loss, inflexible boundary wires and blocked radio signals, which have left owners with missed patches, over mowed areas, or needing to intervene when the robot gets stuck or goes off-route.


The Autonomous Robot Mower’s cutting edge technology means it learns the landscape of your garden, and uses this information to plan the most effective mowing route each day – predicting exactly where and when it should mow to nurture your lawn in the best way possible. STIGA robot mowers leave a minimum of 5 hours between mows – giving the grass plenty of time to seal in the moisture and heal before the next mow. And, with complete connectivity, all zones are mown regularly and accurately, leaving no zone uncut or over-mowed by passing several times in the same area. All of this results in an even, healthy, and naturally beautiful lawn.


The STIGA Autonomous Robot Mower is also the most effective option on the market. It benefits from STIGA ePower for industry-leading battery lifespan and excellent energy-efficiency. STIGA ePower runs for longer between charges in order to properly care for the lawn in as little as two mowing cycles a day, meaning it never wastes your time or energy.


With the Autonomous Robot Mower, STIGA has also gone beyond annoying boundary wires and replaced them with GPS-based virtual perimeter, meaning no physical limits to your mowing. There’s no physical set-up, and certainly no digging required. Because the perimeter is virtual, it’s hassle-free to adjust when you change your garden layout, or you simply want to make space for something like a BBQ. It also acknowledges that elements in the garden grow and shrink, so the virtual perimeter adapts to these changes too.


The working area is managed via the STIGA.GO app, which makes light work of everything from set-up to major changes. It gives owners full control over bot behaviour and status. Through the app, you can manage setup, scheduling, zoning, cutting patterns, cutting height adjustment, obstacle notification, stay-away zone setting, border clean ups, voice assistant integration in just a couple of taps.


STIGA Autonomous Robot mowers will be available for purchase online and through authorised STIGA robot dealerships within the UK


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