Summer a mixed bag?

Summer a mixed bag?: Summer can present a mixed bag for lawn enthusiasts, ranging from dry, parched patches to lush green expanses reminiscent of Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

So STIGA asked their friendly lawn experts The Lawn Association to give them some tips to share with you to ease the stress of summer on you and your lawn!

Summer a mixed bag?

Summer a mixed bag?

What should your lawn look like, especially during a summer with a blend of scorching sun and frequent showers? Let’s clear one thing up right away: Centre Court isn’t the ideal role model for your lawn. While those immaculate stripes and uniform green hues are impressive, they belong to sports turf, which undergoes intensive care throughout the year and receives more watering than your garden ever should. However, there’s plenty we can glean from sports turf care, albeit with a caveat.

We can be tending to a different type of lawn, for different reasons, and with different resources. Following the sports turf model too closely may lead to sacrificing your precious free time in pursuit of the elusive ‘perfect lawn’ For now, let’s focus on what you can do to help your lawn thrive in the summer heat and relative drought:

You’ve likely heard The Lawn Association team extolling the resilience of grass as the most robust plant on the planet. While true, it doesn’t mean it’ll remain verdant through the summer. Nature didn’t design it that way. Instead, when faced with hot, dry conditions, grass conservatively goes dormant until conditions improve. But fear not, there are steps you can take to prepare and nurture your lawn through the summer:


– Adjust the mowing height to suit the conditions. In the summer, when growth is minimal, raise the cutting height. Gradually raise it before it gets really hot, and your lawn will thank you.
– Consider mowing without the box occasionally. Returning moisture-rich clippings to the lawn helps rehydrate the grass and shield the roots from excessive sunlight. Plus, it doesn’t contribute as much thatch as you might think.
– Ensure your mower blade is sharp. A dull blade can cause significant damage, especially to stressed grass during periods of slow growth.
Other Summer Lawn Care Tips:

STIGA has a range of mowers that are equipped with a mulch plug that allow you to cut without using a grassbox, simply insert   the mulch plug into the grass shute and mow.  The finely cut grass clippings are then distributed back into the ground, acting as a nitrogen rich fertiliser.  The STIGA Collector 136e mower is ideal for smaller lawns whilst the Combi 748s is perfect for larger lawns.


Apply a summer feed well before the heatwave hits to strengthen your lawn. True Grass wont scorch unlike most lawn feeds.


Resist the urge to overwater dry patches. They’ll likely rebound when the rain returns. If watering is necessary, do it at night for optimal absorption. This is when grass grows as well.


Don’t forget to enjoy your lawn! While it may not look its best in the peak of summer, worrying won’t improve it. Take the opportunity to relax and appreciate your outdoor space.

In conclusion, summer lawn care requires a delicate balance of maintenance and relaxation. By following these tips, you can help your lawn weather the summer months with grace and resilience.

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