The Lawn Association ask “How sustainable is your lawn?

The Lawn Association team know that by prioritising eco-conscious practices such as composting, natural pest control, and rejecting products such as synthetic polymer coated fertilisers that poison our lawns and gardens, we can reduce the negative impact on our ecosystem.

They ask “How sustainable is your lawn?”


The Lawn Association ask "How sustainable is your lawn?

The Lawn Association ask “How sustainable is your lawn?


The Lawn Association believes in working with nature to achieve sustainable lawn care. This means rethinking our idea of a “perfect lawn” and focusing on the overall health of the grass with limited thatch and no bare spots. The truth is that everyone has their own ideas of perfection, and it’s the ‘condition’ of the lawn that really matters.

We shouldn’t only pay attention to the soil for our flowers and vegetable, but also to the soil beneath our grass.  This is because the soil in a sustainably managed lawn is full of bacteria and microbes.

In fact just one gram of soil can contain 5,000 different species of micro-organisms…how amazing is that! Healthy soil can help to control the thatch and therefore, helping to prevent so many weeds from growing.

Thatch is a spongy-like material that sits above the lawn soils.  It comprises all the clippings, shoots, and dead organic matter that have accumulated.

When this remains wet during winter, moss spores will have a greater chance to germinate, so by regularly scarifying your lawn, this will allow rainwater to run down into the soil and away from the surface, giving the moss spores less chance to germinate.

March or April are the next ideal months in which to offer your lawn this lovely spring clean!

As our climate continues to change, grass can become disoriented and struggle to survive. Choosing the right grass species is therefore crucial for a healthy and thriving lawn.

Native grasses, such as the fescues and bents found in the UK, have adapted to our weather patterns and are a much more sustainable choice for lawn care.

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