Lawn Association – If it keeps growing, keep mowing!

Mowing is one of the simplest things we can all do and an amazing pruning technique that we can all use to thicken our lawns.  But should we cut grass short for winter, and when you should stop cutting your lawn altogether?

Brrrrrrrr…lawn care in November?
We get pleasure from our gardens all year round, so, yes, we need to offer care to our lawns even in the autumn and winter!  When the morning dew arrives it is a sign of cooling temperatures and the time to prepare your lawn for the winter ahead, and this includes mowing.  When talking about lawn care, mowing has less to do with aesthetics and more to do with sustaining good lawn health, and whilst grass is still growing, yes you should keep mowing.



Lawn Association - If it keeps growing, keep mowing!

Lawn Association – If it keeps growing, keep mowing!

Mowing in the colder months
Depending on the grass you have in your lawn, it can continue growing even in mid-winter with some slow growth. So you should still be getting your mower out to give you and it and little winter exercise!  Keeping to the rules below helps keep the leaf blades drier, as the grass will not be too long.  And it helps prevent disease and combat moss encroachment.

Keep the cut high and refrain from mowing in frost, snow and extreme wetness, as this can damage the soils, grass and mower blades.
Your aim in mowing is to maintain a healthy but manageable grass-height. So frequency of mowing is governed by how fast it is growing.
Mid-growing season you can expect to cut at least once a week. Mid-winter, if it’s a mild one, you may be cutting once a month.

Blade sharpening: Always maintain your mower blades! You get the best result from a sharp blade, and a progressively poor result each subsequent cut until you sharpen it again.

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