MM60 Grass Seed: A Grassroots Success Story

MM60 Grass Seed: A Grassroots Success Story: In the world of football, the quality of the playing surface can make a significant difference in the game’s outcome and the overall experience for players and spectators alike.

While top-tier stadiums often boast pristine pitches, grassroots clubs often struggle to attain the same level of excellence due to budget constraints and limited resources.

MM60 Grass Seed: A Grassroots Success Story

MM60 Grass Seed: A Grassroots Success Story

However, Charlestown Football Club, a youth football club nestled in the heart of St Austell, Cornwall, has defied this norm. Thanks to the leading MM60 grass seed their pitches have undergone a remarkable transformation, setting a new standard for grassroots football.

Charlestown Football Club, established in 1972 is a vibrant community hub with over 300 registered players aged between 5 and 16. The club prides itself on providing a nurturing environment for both boys and girls to foster their love for the beautiful game. From organising annual summer tournaments that draw teams from across Cornwall to running the Mini Soccer Centre at St Mewan Park since 2006, Charlestown FC is committed to nurturing grassroots football talent.

MM60 grass seed, renowned for its exceptional quality and performance in professional stadiums, found its way to Charlestown FC, courtesy of David Bevan from Agrovista Amenity – a distributor of MM grass seed. A 100% Ryegrass formula boasting high disease resistance, rapid germination, and superior aesthetic qualities, MM60 has proven to be a game-changer for Charlestown FC’s pitches. Enhanced by Headstart® GOLD treatment, this grass seed ensures not just fast germination but also robust establishment, even under challenging conditions.

David’s journey with Charlestown FC began when his son joined the club and has since become a coach. Recognising the opportunity to contribute his expertise, David became instrumental in advising the club on pitch maintenance and renovation. Leveraging his professional knowledge, David spearheaded the adoption of MM60 for the club’s pitches, emphasising the importance of investing in top-quality resources, regardless of the level of play.

“I worked on the theory that just because it is a youth football club, why shouldn’t they use the best grass seed there is and that is why I went with MM60,” said David. “Personally, I think it is the best winter sports mixture you can get. Because of the huge amount of play the pitches receive, getting sward density consistent over all of them was primarily the main reason for going with MM60. It is really hard wearing, fast germinating and I know it is quick to establish.”

As the Chairman of Charlestown FC, James Hutchings has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of MM60 grass seed on the club’s pitches. Under David’s guidance, the club embarked on a comprehensive renovation project, reaping the rewards of their investment in the superior grass seed.

James emphasised the invaluable role David and Agrovista Amenity have played in maximising the club’s grant funding.

“As a club we have been extremely pleased with the service David and Agrovista Amenity have provided us with. David’s advice has been a bit of a godsend, and he has come along at the right time. We’ve had work done in the past but not to the level which David has been able to advise us on. Last year he took soil samples and checked the density and supplied us with MM60. It was put down at the end of May and quickly after we were seeing the benefits.

“We are very fortunate to have a very dedicated team of volunteers and we are all in agreement that it has been worth the investment. We want the pitches looking and playing on-point as much as possible. Parents have been commenting positively on how fresh everything looks, and visiting teams are asking how we are managing to have so much grass on the pitch.”

By using MM60 grass seed, Charlestown FC has set a new standard for pitch quality and performance at grassroots level. As other clubs aspire to emulate their success, Charlestown FC is proving that with passion, dedication, and the right resources, every football pitch can be one to be proud of.

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