STIGA Gardening With Hedgehog Awareness

STIGA Gardening With Hedgehog Awareness: Next time you reach for your STIGA strimmer to cut back long grass, STOP and take a few minutes first to check that you are not disturbing sleeping hedgehogs.

Find out why STIGA’s autonomous robot mowers could be the kindest way to cut your grass for you and your prickly friends!

STIGA Gardening With Hedgehog Awareness

STIGA Gardening With Hedgehog Awareness

Hedgehogs are little allies for gardeners

They traditionally live in woods and meadows but have had to adapt to living in increasingly widespread urban areas. They find refuge and nourishment in our gardens and outdoor spaces. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures that can cover over 3km in one night when hunting for food. They are silent and discreet creatures that love to live among vegetation and hunt at night. By doing so, they contribute to the sustainable management of our green spaces.

Hedgehogs are eco-warriors!

As insectivores, hedgehogs are the perfect ally for maintaining the delicate balance of your garden’s ecosystem. They feast on aphids, larvae, beetles, caterpillars, earwigs, millipedes, and earthworms, helping to naturally rid your garden of these pests. Not only that, but hedgehogs are crucial for conserving biodiversity in our outdoor spaces. They provide food for other animals and act as vital seed dispensers, spreading seeds to different areas for new plant growth.

Hurting hedgehogs with robot mowers?  Not on STIGA’s watch!

By designing high-efficiency robots that are able to manage cutting session during daylight hours, STIGA has ensured that nocturnal animals such as hedgehogs can safely occupy the garden overnight. STIGA Autonomous Robots are the very first mower of their kind to combine RTK GPS (real time kinematics) and patented predictive Active Guidance System (AGS) to plan the most effective mowing route each day, faultlessly. This includes sensor safety mechanisms specifically designed to ensure the machine stops as soon as it detects an obstacle such as a hedgehog not previously mapped out in the perimeter.

STIGA cares about the well-being of hedgehogs in our gardens…

That’s why they have partnered with Dylan Allman, a self-proclaimed ‘Hedgehog Champion,’ to raise awareness of the importance of protecting these adorable creatures. Keep an eye out for the yellow ‘Be Hedgehog Aware’ sticker on your STIGA products and follow the useful tips below to ensure that the hedgehogs in your garden stay safe and healthy.

1) Check long grassy areas and hedges for hedgehogs and their nests before strimming or mowing.
2) Be aware that hedgehogs love hiding in piles of leaves and twigs
3) Keep netting to a minimum, as sometimes our prickly friends can get caught in these
4) Ensure garden ponds have plenty of escape routes for hedgehogs to climb out if needed
5) Leave out shallow dishes of water, especially in dry and hot seasons

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