STIGA- ‘Swift’ by name …’Swift’ FOR nature!

With sustainability always at the forefront of their newest machine designs and in recent years STIGA not only seeing an ever expanding and keen interest in garden care, but also a shift to taking care of lawns in an environmentally friendly way.

Less noise, no smell, and a much cleaner way of conducting jobs in the garden is high on the agenda of many consumers these days.

STIGA- ‘Swift’ by name …’Swift’ FOR nature!

STIGA- ‘Swift’ by name …’Swift’ FOR nature!

Innovative garden-care through nurturing nature

At the core of STIGA’s values is that of nurturing nature and putting people and the planet first. With innovative technology, the team are at the forefront of the quiet, cleaner, gardening revolution. the brand new ’Swift’ is the first ride on mower with shareable batteries. Because it uses the latest STIGA ePower battery technology, you can say goodbye to fumes, vibrations, and noise… PLUS keep your neighbours happy.

Super savvy interchangeable batteries working in synchro.

Swift is the first collecting lawn rider on in the market with shareable batteries. The three x 48V 5Ah ePower batteries can also power the hand-held tools from the 5, 7 and 9 Series. The ePower system offers longer runtimes and healthier batteries, thanks to its smart energy management that synchronises the available charge in the batteries, avoiding any kind of stress and prolonging their lifetime and performance. Inside or out, the ‘Swift’ really makes the best out of ePower batteries: INSIDE Swift, they give maximum performance and runtime and there is the option to purchase a fourth battery to increase the runtime and cutting range further. OUTSIDE of Swift, they can be used on any STIGA 48V garden tool, including snow throwers.

Redesigned cutting deck for maximum efficiency

The cutting deck equipping the STIGA ‘Swift’ riding tractor has been completely redesigned, both in terms of materials and structure, to further improve the grass collection and energy efficiency of the machine. The deck shape has been designed to improve the airflow whilst the blades rotate and is made from a material mix of polypropylene and shock-absorbing additives that make it not just robust but also lightweight. This makes the collection of grass much more effective, avoiding cuttings falling on the lawn and improves the mower’s energy-efficiency.

Smart cutting mode for energy efficiency

The STIGA Smart cutting mode function is available on the ‘Swift.’ While mowing, you can adjust the blade speed on three different settings, depending on the result you wish to see and on the conditions of the grass you are taking care of. Available speeds are Standard, Boost and Eco-Mode (which helps improving energy-efficiency).

Swift and nimbly does it!

Making complex lawn care simple with exceptional manoeuvrability and compact design, the ‘Swift’ only has a width of 73.5cm wide, which means it manages narrow gaps and gateways with ease. Its tight outer turning radius gets close to obstacles, while the short wheelbase nimbly steers around them to avoid damaging the machine. Mowing the lawn soon becomes a breeze as this superbly designed mower can cruise through narrow gaps and around awkward flower beds to make any garden neat and tidy in no time. The STIGA One Pedal Drive system, means that you just need one pedal to manage STIGA electric tractor mowers: acceleration and deceleration run smoothly, effortless, and the parking brake is included!

Battery power is at the cutting edge of lawn and garden care and STIGA has proved once again that they are at the forefront of this innovative cordless technology. For a cleaner, quieter, and kinder way of offering your lawn and garden some love, ePower is the way to go!

Cut smart, Cut Strong, Cut Sustainably …with STIGA ‘Swift’!

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