A new era for electric loaders

A new era for electric loaders: Working with an electric loader is now more efficient than ever – even in extremely cold conditions. Avant Tecno presents the renewed e series and the third generation of fully electric loaders, whose unique battery technology further improves the capacity, pricing, safety, working time, durability, and lifespan of electric loaders. With a fully charged Avant e527, you can work all day.

Finnish compact loader manufacturer Avant Tecno has been at the forefront of the development of electric loaders for decades. Now, Avant is launching two next generation fully electric loader models, the Avant e513 and Avant e527, which will renew the Avant e series and replace their predecessors, the Avant e5 and e6 models. The new loaders will enter production in January 2024.

A new era for electric loaders

A new era for electric loaders

Unique battery technology

The new loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® battery packs (13 kWh and 27 kWh) manufactured by Avant Tecno’s subsidiary Avant Power. The globally unique battery technology brings capacity to a whole new level, and the energy density of the batteries is among the best in the world. The thermal management system of the patented lithium-ion batteries guarantees the same capacity in hot and extremely cold temperatures. Multi-level protection makes Avant OptiTemp® batteries very safe.

Power for demanding professional use

The new Avant e513 and Avant e527 loaders are almost identical, but the only difference lies in the capacity of the batteries. The Avant e513 (13 kWh) is a good choice for short-term continuous use on cattle farms, horse stables, greenhouses or DIY and leisure time, for example. The Avant e527 loader (27 kWh) with a larger battery is ideal for demanding professional use. Construction and demolition contractors will benefit from this model.

The fully electric Avants are ideal for working in confined spaces and on construction sites that have strict limits on noise and emissions.

A new era for electric loaders

A new era for electric loaders

A full workday on a single charge

When fully charged in the morning, the Avant e527 loader (27kWh) can be used for a whole working day. The maximum operating time of the machine is about 6 hours for medium-duty work, whereas for Avant e513, it is about 3 hours. The battery of both loaders can be fully charged with a fast charger in under 1.5 hours, allowing for long working days.

“For years, the market has been longing for fully electric loaders that would be more like diesel loaders in terms of functionality. Until now, operating time and pricing have been key issues related to electric loaders, but with Avant’s new e series, we solve them both”, says Jani Käkelä, CEO of Avant Tecno.

The renewed Avant e series

  • Fully electric loader series. Zero-emission, very quiet. Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Two models: Avant e513 (battery capacity 13 kWh) and Avant e527 (battery capacity 27 kWh).
  • Excellent capacity in hot conditions and severe frosts.
  • Fast charge in under 1.5 hours. Type 2 charging, built-in 3 kW battery charger. The maximum charging current has been increased by 50% compared to previous Avant electric loaders.
  • Two electric motors: one for driving hydraulics, and one for auxiliary hydraulics, boom, and steering. Thanks to the electric motor, maximum torque is immediately applied, which ensures excellent thrust.
  • The further improved cooling system in the engine package keeps the machine’s heat under control even in soft terrain. Increased load resistance in short-term hard work.
  • The updated multifunction display provides information on battery status, temperature, power consumption, operating hours, auxiliary hydraulics output, maintenance needs, and more.
  • Same appearance as in Avant’s diesel-powered 500 and 600 series loaders.

Technical Information:

Technical information: Model Avant e513 Avant e527
Voltage 44 V 44 V
Capacity 13 kWh 27 kWh
Operating time* 3 hours 6 hours
Lift capacity 900 kg 900 kg
Li height, max. 2 790 mm 2 790 mm
Drive speed, max. 10 km/h 10 km/h
Weight 1420 kg 1500 kg
Auxiliary hydraulics 30 l/min 30 l/min

*In medium duty loading work; no hydraulic attachments used.

Charging Times:

Charging times: Loader model Avant e513 Avant e527
Onboard charger 3 kW (standard) 2 h 50 min 5 h 40 min
Rapid charger 400 V / 16 A (option) 1 h 10 min 2 h 20 min
Rapid charger 400 V / 32 A (option) 1 h 10 min

*Charging time is affected by prevailing conditions and temperature. The charging times are indicated from 10% to 80% of the battery’s available charge level (SOC).

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