Henchman promotes ladder safety for No Falls Week

Henchman promotes ladder safety for No Falls Week: With the new No Falls Week campaign initiated by the No Falls Foundation taking place on 13th – 17th May 2024, it’s a perfect opportunity for organisations and employees to promote safe working practices and educate themselves on the potential consequences of falls from height.

Falling from a height, particularly from ladders, accounts for 8% of non-fatal injuries in the workplace in the UK, and the horticultural industry is not immune to this hazard. Improperly stabilised ladders and slipping from a rung are the leading causes of ladder-related injuries. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that employees receive adequate training on ladder safety procedures and have access to sturdy equipment that is in optimal condition.

Henchman promotes ladder safety for No Falls Week

Henchman promotes ladder safety for No Falls Week

Owen Simpson, Managing Director of Henchman has shared some advice for making sure employees are staying safe whilst working at height.

Preparation is key

“When working at heights, it is crucial to be physically capable and well-versed in ladder safety procedures. For employers, it is imperative to ensure that employees receive adequate training before embarking on tasks at height. If working outdoors, consider environmental factors such as rain, wind, or damp conditions to mitigate fall risks.

Employees should avoid using ladders if they have experienced recent injuries and whenever possible, having a second person present during tasks can act as an extra pair of eyes to identify potential hazards.

Performing regular ladder inspections is a must. Every user should ensure the ladder is in optimal condition before stepping foot on it, checking for damage, wear and tear. A full ladder inspection checklist can be found on Henchman’s blog.”

Choosing the right ladder for the task

“When it comes to choosing the right ladder for the job, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the type of work, terrain, and duration of the task. In certain settings, traditional ladders may not be suitable for accessing hard-to-reach places due to uneven terrain such as slopes, ditches, and steps. Therefore, using a ladder engineered with durability and stability is essential. The Henchman Fully Adjustable PRO Tripod Ladder is a great option for these tasks as it features three independently adjustable legs that can keep the ladder level on uneven ground and a guardrail at the top allows for hands-free work. These ladders are engineered with durability, stability, and uncompromised safety as top priorities. Henchman PRO Tripod Ladders are EN131 certified and carry the BSI kitemark.

Unlike traditional ladders with thin, curved feet that are prone to sinking into soft ground and toppling, the Henchman Tripod PRO ladder has purposefully designed feet for stability. These extra-wide, clawed feet have a large surface area that distributes weight evenly, preventing sinking and minimising slippage during wet conditions.”

Using the ladder safely

“Whist setting up the tripod ladder, make sure it is level by adjusting the legs accordingly. Gauge this by seeing if the chain is level from the side.

When stepping onto a ladder, it’s crucial to lean into it for stability and avoid leaning back and ensure that the ladder’s height is appropriate for the task to prevent overreaching or crouching. Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder at one time, and mount and dismount the ladder facing the rungs whilst leaning in.

Placing ladders on movable objects, such as pallets, tables, or vehicles, should be avoided at all costs, as stability is compromised. Users should also make sure to adhere to weight restrictions specified on the ladder and extending or moving ladders should only be done when the ladder is vacant.

Lastly, never work within six metres of any overhead power line unless it is inactive or protected with insulation.

By promoting safe working practices and educating employees on ladder safety procedures, organisations in the horticultural industry can mitigate fall risks and ensure that their employees stay safe while working at height.”

For more information and ladder safety advice visit www.henchman.co.uk.

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