Turn your lawn into a pollinator paradise with Seedball Hero Lawn

A pollinator lawn is not something you may have considered for your garden, yet the wildflowers in your lawn are pretty and can be a lifesaver for struggling bees, butterflies, and other pollinators in the UK.

Garden rewilding experts at Seedball are encouraging you to beautify your lawn and create a painterly effect bursting with wildflowers, with their new Hero Lawn Seedball Box.


Gardens are crucial for wildlife, but our desire to keep things well-manicured and lawns as a monoculture of equal height grass means our essential pollinators are struggling to survive, with numbers at their lowest ever.

To combat the decline and refill our gardens with butterflies and the buzz of summer, Seedball created Lawn Hero, a small but mighty box of native low-lying wildflowers to make creating a pollinator lawn simpler.

Each Hero Lawn box contains 20 seedballs, composed of nine flowers which thrive in lawns, including Dandelions, Buttercups, Common Daisies, Cowslip, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Red Clover, White Clover, Self Heal, and Yellow Rattle. The collection, once grown, creates a pretty tapestry effect on the lawn that is low maintenance and supports biodiversity.

Dr. Emily Lambert from Seedball, said: “Each summer many are stuck to their mowers, ensuring every blade of grass is trimmed neatly for a short time before we must do it all over again. At Seedball we want to encourage as many people as possible to make their lawn into a pollinator paradise. The UK has 22 million private gardens, so turning our lawns into wildflower-rich areas can make a huge difference.  The Hero Lawn Seedball box contains native wildflowers which are rich in pollen and nectar, perfect for bumblebees, butterflies and other pollinators and insects.

“Our ‘lawn heroes’ are a lifeline for pollinators. Dandelions are one of the richest wildflowers for pollen and nectar production, with each bright yellow head containing around 100 individual flowers. Recent research by the University of Sussex showed that making just 4m2 of your garden into a ‘mini meadow’ supported 111% more bumblebees, 87% more solitary bees, and 85% more solitary wasps as well as a large increase in butterflies.

“The impact of pollinator decline is already being seen in fruit and vegetable production, with fruit growers in the UK reportedly seeing a reduced yield and lower quality produce this year. With vital species like bees declining, this trend of poor-quality crops will continue. We must act now in every way we can to prevent further decline and save our pollinators.”

It’s time for a wildflower revolution – and that includes letting your lawn grow wild for pollinators! Find out more about how Seedballs are made and how to use them at https://seedball.co.uk/

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